Women power guardian spirits

Women power guardian spirits in Finno-Ugric shamanism®

“Maiden of the forest,

Mieli maiden,

Daughter of the wind,

the only child of the Maiden of Air!”

“Luonnotar the Naturess, Päivätär the Day Maiden, Kuutar the Moon Maiden, Mielikki the Mother of the Forest, Ilman Impi the Maiden of Air, Earth Motherling, Water Motherling, Kivutar the Pain Maiden, Akka the Crone, Mielotar, Hongatar the Maiden of the Pines, Tuonen Tytti the Daughter of Death – Female nature divinities and haltija spirits in the Kalevalaic spiritual tradition and Finno-Ugric shamanism”

The course delves deep into these themes, both in theory, and through deep traditional methods such as drum meditation, trance dancing, and other nature connection methods. The course is intended for women only.

Course Instructors:

Susanna Aarnio is a Northern tradition bearer, comparative religionist, lamenter, professional nature photographer, and artist. She is also the director and head instructor at the Johannes Setälä Centre.  Susanna Aarnio is also a mother of four. Susanna is best described by her motto, according to which “the most important life task for humans is becoming good ancestors”. She is also motivated by the urgent need to return our ancestral “Nature Sense”, or respect for nature and deep nature connection, as a vital part of everyday human existence. For more information on the Johannes Setälä Centre, please see: https://johannessetalacentre.fi

Gabriela Ariana: Chilean-born mother to two daughters and one son. An artist through dance, music, visual and handcrafts. Trained body therapist and yoga teacher. Gabriela was trained as a tradition bearer during her all life, and since 2012 she also trained as a teacher of the Kalevalaic spiritual tradition and nature meditation at the Johannes Setälä Centre. Gabriela is the founder and main teacher at Juurakon Voima-Roots to empower.

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