Your giving birth story

Regardless of how much time has passed since you gave birth you are very welcome to take this session(s).

Giving birth is supposed to be an empowering experience, so that the mother becomes aware of everything she needs to be able to walk on the path of motherhood.

Every childbirth is unique. Independently of how your birth was, it is important to tell the story and to be heard and seen in that story, which is always truly precious and invaluable.

From each childbirth we will find strength and power, and specially if the experience was felt as negative for you, it is important to explore and process your experience, so that that experience can transform into strength.

I will help you and support you to go though your birth story and give you the necessary tools for healing in case that it’s needed.

I have taken this journey with my body 3 times and have also transitioned into being a bonus mother. Adopted mothers are also welcomed to explore your process of transition with me.


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