Women’s steam treatment

Ancient Steam Treatment For Women

The female steam treatment is nowadays known around the world by other names, such as Yoni steam, Bajos or the V Sauna. This healing method has been a part of everyday life for women, as well as being a part of healing work for thousands of years in Africa, Central and South America and Korea.

The female pelvic bowl is an amazing area in the female body. It includes the vagina, the womb, the ovaries, the oviducts and the bones, nerves and muscles of the pelvic area. The well being of this area has direct effect on our lives as women. Healing yourself with the female steam treatment supports you in achieving a life where your menstrual and life cycles flow in a healthy way. Additionally, it is truly a beautiful and strong method of respecting femininity and connecting deeper with the Earth, with nature and with your soul.

Traditionally, women et the steam treatment is a sacred ritual of connection that supports to stay holistically healthy, strong, harmonious and clear. The ritual is a meditative practice that gives the chance to spend a moment by yourself, or supported by a healer.

This method is not only about “vaginal cleansing”, or about only about biological fertility. Seeing the method only from such perspectives means taking a very narrow view on the actual meanings of this ancient practice.

The female steam treatment is a moment of self-care. It is a ritual with a holistic impact on your life.

The female steam treatment means preparing herbs in hot water in a clay container. You’ll sit down on an open stool, with the steaming preparation beneath you. This way the healing, empowering and harmonizing effects of the herbs and the heat can enter your body through the pelvic floor. The absorbent tissues of the vagina emit the herbal effects into the entire pelvic bowl area and the circulation system. The beneficial effects can be felt in the entire body.

For a woman in good basic health, doing this treatment four times a year is enough. You can time the treatments according to the seasonal cycle.

Here’s a more detailed list of symptoms / problems which can be treated with this treatment:

– several days of dark bleeding in the beginning and/or at the end of menstruation

– healing after childbirth or miscarriage
– menstrual pain and irregular menstruation
– endometriosis

– muscular stress in the pelvic area and pelvic pain

– uterine prolapse or female genital prolapse
– dysmenorrhea or amenorrhea
– hemorrhoids and/or constipation

– ovarian cysts
– fertility problems
– trauma work
– burn-out, stress
– menopause
– depression
– certain headaches and migraines

– hormonal imbalances

Contraindications or when not to do the female steam treatment:

– having an infected area in your body
– during pregnancy
– during menstruation

– when using an intrauterine device (IUD)

General instructions:

– preventive treatment: one week before the first day of menstruation
– in case of cysts, uterine prolapse, pelvic pain, myomas, or endometriosis, it is advisable to do steam treatments 2-4 times for one week, starting after ovulation
– after abortion or miscarriage, you should wait for three weeks and make sure that you do not have infections in your body
– after childbirth, wait for 6-8 weeks, until you are sure to have stopped your bleeding completely and there are no infections in your body

IMPORTANT: Every woman is different and many things have an effect on your life phases. For this reason, it is important for you to learn this treatment under expert supervision, and to ask questions whenever they arise. Also for the use of herbs is important to consider allergies. If you know you are sensitive or allergic to some herb or tree do not include it in your steam.

After the first experiences with the steam treatment, it is possible that you might experience changes in your monthly cycle. This means your body is regaining its harmony. Your menstruation might last for a longer or a shorter time than previously, and your menstrual blood might appear darker.

Often women who are recovering from a difficult relationship perform this ritual as part of the process of letting go and transitioning onwards. The treatment helps with cleansing, letting go and “putting yourself back together” after difficult experiences.

You can perform this steam treatment at home after you have familiarized yourself with the procedure with the guidance of an experienced expert.

Juurakon Woima – Roots to Empower offers these steam treatments in Helsinki. You can book a time for yourself or for a small group. Sessions are personalized according to individual needs. The session begins with a conversation to map out your situation. Then we’ll do some suitable stretches and breathing exercises to activate your body to receive the healing steam in the best possible way. Then you will be seated in an open chair, with the herbal preparation placed beneath the chair. You’ll be covered from neck to toe with a large blanket, softly enveloping you in a private space.

* Benches and herbs can be ordered via email.

* If you are working in the medical field, work as a doula or a midwife or want to immerse yourself with this method, please ask for more information on courses and training via email.


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