Traditional treatment

Traditional treatments – the Roots to Empower approach

Traditional treatment is an ancient method for treating all kinds of ailments – whether physical, psychological or spiritual.

By traditional treatment, we mean a holistic folk healing that helps us to get in touch with our internal power. The treatment revitalizes the bodies internal resources and healing abilities. The treatment opens the ways for feeling relieved and increasing a sense of hope and peace in life. 

The traditional healer serves people, the community and nature. He has travelled a long, personal path of metaphysical transformation before becoming a healer.

In the Roots to Empower traditional treatments, we use drumming, smoke, sounds, touch and/or massage and herbal drinks and oils, mainly singing, all depending in what is needed in that moment. Every treatment develops according to the patient’s needs.

The smoke cleanses, balances and activates the internal mechanisms in the body. A cleansing smoke is created by burning different herbs, such as sweetgrass, lavender, rosemary or juniper. The vibrational waves of the drum penetrate every single cell in the body. Drumming relaxes the mind, grounds the body and activates the metabolism. Many people feel the drumming sensitizes them to hearing their internal voice. Touch and massage are effective methods for opening bodily locks and tensions, as well as removing toxins from the body.

The treatment begins with a conversation. Through conversation, we map the situation which feels problematic at the moment, or is in need of deeper understanding.

During the treatment, even difficult things on your mind can be handled. Traditional treatments can also support your recovery from a difficult illness. Or maybe you just need a moment for yourself, a moment of rest from the busyness of the everyday. This can also be accomplished perfectly by means of the traditional treatment. 

During the treatment, different needs might arise, depending on what takes place at the very moment of the treatment, some examples:

– Sometimes we might go back in time to an event which still affects our lives. In the treatment, healing energy is taken into the past, or alternatively, whatever is necessary at present is retrieved from the past. The need for letting go, or for forgiveness might arise.

– The treatment can help you release old patterns, which no longer serve you in the present.

– You can set a clear intention for the treatment to help you to get the strength to make changes in your life.

– In the treatment, you will be given clear guidance and support for finding your personal power, as well as realizing your everyday creativity and courage.

– The treatment can opens emotional locks and supports you to deal with “new information” about yourself guiding you to get empower from that experience.

Sauna treatment

The sauna treatment is a traditional treatment, which is done in the healing steam of the sauna. The sauna is a powerful space for transformation. The sauna is a cleansing place of letting go, healing and empowerment. The sauna is also a return to the womb and it offers you the chance for renewal and rebirth.

At the moment, I am offering sauna treatments at my own place in Vihti. You can book my sauna treatments to other places, provided that the sauna is heated with wood.


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