On the journey of the power years

For all women in perimenopause or menopause. Like all other transitions in life, this, too, is not meant to be lived through alone.

The third blood rite of transition in a woman’s life is called menopause. I like to call it THE POWER YEARS. The power years begin usually between the ages 42 and 55,  and are THE MOST IMPORTANT TIME IN YOUR LIFE for discovering and embodying the strength in you and everything that is you. It is also an opportunity to explore and embody the continuum of the cycles which are the forces of birth and death.

The time of the power years is a deep journey to exploring and facing everything that needs to be confronted and experienced, and heal all that can be healed. A great transformative process begins in our biology, our bodies, our nature. Even the brain changes in this process. Once again, old experiences resurface and we begin to see our lives in a new, deeper way. The hormonal changes are like lifting a veil from in front of our eyes and taking a clear look at our life, possible for the first time. This can be a difficult thing to experience, but I will help you face every challenge and learn to know who you truly are at a deeper level. You will learn lots of practical tips and exercises to give you support and strength.


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