On the path of motherhood with you

For all mothers, regardless of how old your children currently are. If you are still in postpartum, we will focus on that.

The importance of motherhood is really not comprehended in our society today. When you become a mother, thousands of predetermined responsibilities are set upon you, causing great stress, tiredness and feelings of losing your freedom.

In our culture, motherhood is a synonym for “not having any time for myself”. We consider being a mother to be a state of being, where our own dreams can no longer be fulfilled. For many women, it comes also with a loss of sexual expression and pleasure. Even women, whose ultimate dream has been to become a mother, end up suffering from the common mindset of “you don’t even have a job, you’re just a stay-at-home mother”.

When a woman becomes a mother, she experiences a complete transformation already during pregnancy. Many women have reported recognizing signs of change even before getting pregnant. Motherhood is like a giant gate opening towards self-realization. Being a mother is a pure expression of nature, the meaning is to deepen in your self-awareness, the awareness of your body-soul. Being a mother is a transformational path, in constant movement.

Motherhood bring in all the information of what you really are. Motherhood is intensive! and to live an authentic motherhood we need to understand and, mostly, embody the teachings of the cycles.

The lack of community and the misunderstanding of motherhood can cause a lot of anxiety and feelings of loneliness. Everything can change, when you connect with your body and your mother strength, when you have support to face the hardships, when you feel heard and seen without judgement.

Becoming a mother can also easily bring up memories of unpleasant experiences of your childhood, which you might need support in dealing with. Are you a mother? You are raising the future, you are valuable and important, and you are not meant to be on this journey alone. I will support you, with my expertise and knowledge, with an open heart, mother to mother.


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