The Menarke story – the first period

What really happens in the pre-teens and teens? How did you live and experience it? Have you maybe had to deal with the ignorance of our society related to it?

Puberty and the teens has been thought to be a phase in which hormonal changes make kids and teenagers undoubtedly crazy. The truth is, there are even bigger changes happening in the body that affect the way teenagers feel. The hormonal changes are a part of a bigger picture. A deep transformation is happening in the brain, which has an effect on our entire being and environment. At the same time, our environment affects how we live and experience this process.

In addition to the change process us women have yet another important beginning in the teen years: The awakening of the uterine memory. The memory of the uterus wakes up in a powerful way when the menstruation begins.

The way a woman menstruates is a metaphor of how your ancestral mothers have lived their lives as women: What they have experienced, and what have been their coping methods and means of survival in the highs and lows of their lives. That is why it is extremely important to process this transition thoroughly in your life. Negative experiences in this stage in life and related to the first menstruation can leave a mark in the body-soul that will manifest psychologically and physically later in life.

 Are you ready to regain your strength? To respect and explore the cyclical power in you? To face emotions and let them turn into strength? To heal the girl and young woman within you?

 I believe it’s time for action. Let’s save our girls and the GIRLS WITHIN US, that were once not showed the support they needed to be able to be free to express, wild enough to experiment, supported enough to invent, create and dream.


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