Embodying Soul, embodying nature

Embodying Soul, embodying nature® is the therapy way I have develop during more than 20 years, which basical idea is to hold a space to make a deep process to recover own body connection, its energy and help to create a healthier relantionship with the environment and with others.

To support this process we use ecosomatic movement, nature’s connection exercises, hands-on treatments, expressive arts and body awareness techniques.

Through this therapy we can connect with the experiences that are kept in the memories of own body and that may cause difficulties in our lives and, at the same time, discover all the gifts and tools that are in our body and that can support us and heal us.

The fundamental idea of the method is to carry out a deep process which restores the connection with oneself by developing awareness of own presence in the here and now.

Conversation is used to support the process, as well as different body awareness methods, hands-on treatments, nature connection and most of all, ecosomatic practices. The purpose is to help the body understand and embody, the fact that whatever caused the trauma has long since passed. The logical mind might already understand this, but not the body-memories of that experiences that are still in the body. This memories of traumatic past events get triggered in daily life, causing a lot of stress, pain and or suffering and they influence our lives every moment unless we regain the feeling of being safe in own body, returning the energy that got lost in a moment of traumatic experience. The Embodying soul way offers the possibility to get in touch, to rise awareness, to embody the knowledge that your body carries. It will support you to face any kinds of experiences recorded in your body’s cells and, in that way, you will be able to get embody all the tools, the gifts and the natural strength of your unique body.

In my work, I help people identify themselves as part of nature, both physically and soulfully. Finding and understanding nature connection has a deep effect on the individual life. In our bodies, we carry not just our own experiences, but also imprints (epigens) of the experiences of our ancestors, which affect our lives every single moment. Through our bodies we can find the keys to healing both ourselves, as well as the world. When we return to our bodies, the nature in us awakens, and this gives us the courage to walk our own path, at our own pace, following our own truth.

Return to the body

Our body is a part of nature and it works according to natural cycles. This is why I feel that nature is my teacher and and my power place on this path. Nature is everywhere around us: under the concrete, between buildings and up in the sky. Nature is the body I inhabit. This is a truth long since forgotten by us humans. Still it lives strongly in our own bodies, because the body carries, and forgets nothing.

Also, at some point, some of our ancestors understood and lived in the consciousness of natural wisdom and this is sufficient background for our bodies. In addition, we all have the experience of being fetuses inside the wombs of our mothers.  I believe that human beings develop in the womb in perfect interaction with nature, in a natural state. As fetuses, we are all given a readiness for understanding natural wisdom.

For more than twenty years, I have seen the kind of process that takes place when a person starts noticing their body and becomes aware of their own body, its cyclical nature and its primordial connection with nature. The possibility is then opened for healing trauma, returning personal Lifeforce or, as the ancestors put it: soul retrieval. Strengthening body awareness enables a safe way to restore one’s power (soul), in other words, a safe, authentic and permanent way journey of healing and becoming whole.

Soul retrieval or shamanistic trauma work requires – in the modern world, where nature connection is hidden from everyday life – a process much deeper than just one ritual. We must work calmly and carry out the process with respect to the rhythms and needs of our bodies, so that we can heal our internal roots, our nervous system, through which we root ourselves into this world to support all the other cells in the body. During this process, our bodies need to feel gentleness, acceptance and encouragement. These energies are used to create, step by step, a new and natural experience, which calls and encourages us to be in our bodies and to be in an authentic relationship with all those around us. This means trusting our own power, as well as ourselves.

A single Embodying Soul session might give you some useful tools, for instance for stress management, but a deep and effective trauma work requires a longer process.


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