Treatments and services

All treatments are base on Ancestral Medicine and its worldwiew. The treatments and therapy sessions also take use of my expertise and experience as a body therapist and a teacher of dance and yoga. I also work with voice, free writing and painting, as well as methods of nature connection and ecosomatic work.

Treatments, guidance and mentoring are available at my workroom in Helsinki and some of them also online. Please see the list below for more information.

If you wish to book treatments at my workroom, please contact me via email or contact form.

Online services can be booked using the online booking service:email or contact form.


Grounding treatment

A grouding and relaxing treatment to relieve you of tension, activate the metabolism and balance hormones.



Traditional treatment

A holistic and personalized healing treatment for physical, psychological as well as spiritual ailments. I use the drum, smoke, sounds, touch and/or pressure and herbal oils. The traditional treatment can also be performed in the sauna.


Steam treatment for women

Also known as Yoni steam, Bajos and V-sauna. An ancient treatment ritual for women, where steaming herbs are used for healing purposes via the pelvic floor.


Song treatment

This session start with a conversation about your situation or the reason you had to ask for it. Then I guide through an experience of breathing and sensing the presence of your voice. After that I sing for you a song born in that moment. You can be silent and rest or, if you feel like, sing with.

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Rising your birth power
(available also online)

For pregnant women. We will explore and familiarize with pregnancy and birth as a rite of transition from the viewpoint of our ancestors and nature’s wisdom. You will learn specific tools to help you connect with your unborn baby, and I will guide you to find the strength of a mother giving birth.


Your story of giving birth
(available also online)

For all mothers, biological or non-biological! Regardless of how long it has been since you gave birth or received your child. Every birth is unique, and it is very important to tell your story, to be heard and seen. I will help you face even the most difficult emotions, and give you tools to use in the path towards healing. Bonus mothers and adopted mothers are also welcome to process your own journey into becoming a mother.


On the journey of the power years
(available also online)

For women in menopause and perimenopause. Like all other transitions in life, this one is not meant to be experienced alone. I will help you face the challenges of this change, help you find your true self. You will learn lots of practical tips and bodily exercises to support and strengthen you.