Embodying Nature®: Trance dance and archaic singing

Trancedance, nature in me and Trancedance path™

The word “trance” comes from the latin word “transire” meaning “go further”, go through”, “pass through”. Trancedance gives you the possibility to cross through the limits of what you see about yourself in daily life and connect with a much more deeper reality of who you are. When you get grounded your own body, you are able to open the connection with your own nature.

Trancedance is an experience of transformation and connection. Encouraged by the sounds of the drum and voice we can find our nature from each of our movements, from each of our breaths.

Trancedance is a powerful invitation to come back home- find your nature from your amazing human body.

Through the practice of trancedance you get to experience nature’s healing wisdom. Your dance start a process where your body opens, learn to let go and find its way to the source of your creativity, your capacity to give birth. The experience through the practice of trancedance, the experience of energy flowing, gives us the courage to recognize and re-connect, to see our inner world’s truth.

When we give to our body the possibility to be free-not under the disturbance of our ego-the body knows exactly how to heal itself. Awareness of body, emotions and mind relate constantly in a timeless space where the soul has the permission to express strongly and freely.

The possibility to dance with others brings back the sense of togetherness and the power of tribal energy. It is always amazing to notice that by getting together to dance we can get to heal not only ourselves, but helps others as well while healing ourselves. It’s the very expression of the invisible net that united us all.

We human beings cannot be separate from nature, this ancient way of relating with body, rhythm, breath and presence remind us about this truth. By practicing trancedance long lost connection with nature can be found through embodiment that means: our experience based learning and understanding is not possible to replace by reading a book or copying others way of being. Your process is completely personal and unique. It happens in cycles hand by hand with your life’s path. So no matter your age or the moment you are leaving right now, you can always start practicing trancedance.

Trancedance workshops

Trancedance is a powerful experience and because of that it is important to be guided for an experienced teacher. During the workshops you learn the main bases and technics about how to practice trancedance safely.

I also organize introductory courses and retreats where we go even deeper in trancedance practice and how to develop in this path step by step. I start this longer courses by getting an overview of each one of the participants’s life-situation.

I believe that dance is somehow the natural state of human being, it is inherent to humanness, is a basic necessity and the most beautiful and powerfull way to get to know who you really are. We all know, can and need to dance! Trancedance is an invitation to you to bring back this dance’s primal strength to find ourselves and each others, to heal and empower our amazing nature. 

I was 4 years old when I decide to become a dancer. I have dance all my life and believe that dance have saved my life. I have study with many dance teachers and work with many choreographers in America and in Europe. I am a dance artist, dance teacher, body-therapist, working and investigating in somatics and ecosomatics for about 20 years. During this years I have find my very own way to support and guide and help others in their own processes. My work with trance dance is strongly based on nature wisdom and ancestral tradition’s trance’s methods.

The Trance Dance Path®

The Trance Dance Path® is a 8 or 9 month training program, offering you the opportunity for grounding yourself in the foundations of trance dancing. We meet once a month for a total of 45 hours. We approach trance dancing as a tool for improving self-knowledge, increasing our body awareness, awakening our creativity, strengthening self-expression, healing, hearing our personal voice, deepening our intuition and finding connections from our very authentic self.

The program is a holistic return home, a return to our own bodies.

The program is suitable for people of all ages.

The program is especially useful for people working in Education or in Healthcare, or as healers, nurses, or artists, as it might give you new tools for your work.

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