Guidance and mentoring programs

Guidance program

Are you in a moment of your life where you realize you need to make some changes? Do you feel that you need support, help and/or motivation to make those changes come true?

Maybe you are passing through a difficult time and you need support or help preparing for the future. Are you going through a serious illness and need support in your process of healing?

Are you searching for a new direction in your life and need help for letting go of the old and getting in touch with new skills? Are you adjusting to a new period in your life and need help in dealing with your emotions?

Do you feel exhausted no matter what you do? Do you have difficulties in making important decisions in your life and feeling like you are stuck? Do you have a lot of wonderful ideas but can’t seem to manifest them?

Are you maybe just curious or interested in stepping onto a path of self-knowledge, nature´s wisdom and ancestral wisdom?

Are you an educator and would like to bring to your students new points of view about life, community and ecology? Or do you need new ideas on how to deal with education issues in the world today?

I can help you find and experience your own power, your skills and your inner wisdom. I will help you build trust in yourself and find the courage to live authentically your own truth.

I offer a comprehensive GUIDANCE program created just for you, tailored specifically to your situation and needs.

The guidance program includes:
  • A complete overview of your situation
  • Conversation sessions
  • Drum meditation
  • Traditional healing sessions
  • Time in the forest, practicing nature’s connection methods
  • Ecosomatic practices, meditation, breathing exercises and many other methods for you to learn. You will be able to use them at any moment to help yourself in different situations during this process and in your life.


How does it work?

During the first session we do an overview of your situation and the reasons why you are here and get to know each other. I will then make a recommendation on how to start your process. After that you can freely decide if you want to continue for more sessions. In this first session you will get to experience a grounding and peaceful drum meditation and smudge cleansing. If you wish to continue with more sessions, we will meet again for minimum of 5 times.

Every session last for 120 minutes and the price is 135 €, also the first session. Between meetings we will be in touch by email. You will receive all the materials you need after every session.

During the guidance sessions you will have the possibility to slow down and take contact with yourself integrally, in calmness. That will open a possibility for you to build knowledge about yourself, knowledge that you wouldn’t even notice otherwise in the fast rhythm and stress of daily life. This knowledge will give you a concrete base to your life, what you really need,  what are the feelings involved in situations you encounter, what is the direction you need to go. With my guidance, you will learn skills that help you walk your own path with courage and freedom.

If you have questions, feel free to contact me.
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Mentoring program

The mentoring program is a tailored intensive training for you personally or a group. In the program we can go through different thematics, such as:

  • The natural wheel of life and its relation with the body
  • Connecting with nature, its meaning in now days world and in own life
  • Stepping in own ancestors’ chain, cleansing and healing ancestral lines
  • Roots to empower your nature, finding your own expression, manifesting yourself

We do plenty of practices in nature, drum meditation, trance dance, breathing exercises. We practice nature’s connecting and we search deeply in all aspects of our body-mind.

We decide together the direction of the mentoring depending on the needs and interests of the participants.

I offer a 25-hous mentoring program in a schedule that is suitable for you. Each session lasts 4-5 hours. You can also ask for shorter mentoring programs.

The cost of a 25-hour mentoring program for one person is 1 625 € (vat 24 % incl.).  Please ask for special prices for unemployed and students.

The working language in the program can be English, Spanish or Finnish.

For artists and educators interested in ecosomatic art and education I offer also a Mentoring program in ecosomatic art and education.

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