The Circle of power: Women’s rites of passage

A rite of passage means, by definition, a ceremony or an event through which a person moves from one bodily state to another, from one soul state to another, and from one social state to another. At some point in the story of the world and of humanity, rites of passage were a part of life and they were held, celebrated and honored. Nowadays, the ceremonies of rites of passage are no longer a part of our everyday existence. And yet, all the life phases and events in which rites of passage used to take place, are still actually continuing. They are still a part of the natural cycle of our bodies, but we have just forgotten their significance.

I strongly feel that we should resurrect this part of our ancestral wisdom, simply because we need it: the tradition of rites of passage, known to be a part of almost every single culture in the world, gives meaning to all life phases. In ceremonial rites of passage we are given the necessary “tools”, knowledge and community support for our new life stage.

Rites of passage offer you a chance for checking up on how your life is going, for letting go, for cleansing, for exploring your soul, as well as exploring your body and your personal needs. Rites help with identifying your personal strengths and feeling supported by the community. Additionally, rites of passage remind us strongly of what we concretely are: we are nature and by being a part of the larger nature, our lives work out in cycles, changing constantly according to natural laws, strongly supported by nature.

The Circle of power training 

In each meeting, we go through the meaning of each transitional phase in the woman’s life, learning each phases connection with the cycles of nature. We will learn the foundations of ancestral circle gathering, drum and voice work and ceremony. We will use different techniques, such as trance dancing, drum meditation, movement – breath exercises and “hands-on” exercises (massage, energy treatment), nature connection technics. We will work intensively in a women’s circle, which means supporting each others and actively healing the “wounds between sisters” from so many hundreds of years of patriarchy.

This training is for women that are interest to work actively in helping other women and our Earth to recover and survive.

For each participant, this training is also a personal journey into the cycles of nature and the Woman’s power. During this training, we will get together once a month for a total of 6 times. You will be given different assignments in between gatherings and at the end of the training there will be a final written assignment and practical practice period.


In this first meeting we get to know each others, we discover the foundations of the traditional circle gathering, the soul’s traditional understanding and our connection with ancestors and spirit helpers. Also we go through different topics as: drum work and voice work. We open this path with a ritual.


The onset of menstruation. This is the moment when a girl starts becoming a woman and, also, the moment when girls start living embodying the lunar cycles. Every lunar in relationship with the menstrual cycle opens an opportunity for going deeper into understanding own nature, personal empowerment, and thereby healing the ancestral chain – and the world. This marks the beginning of the period when a woman starts exploring her personal powers, and begins practicing and experimenting them. How we can support our girls in this so important moment? How create a community for them to feel belonging and help them to realize how amazing they are.


After the long process of pregnancy – in itself a deep journey into the mysteries of life – a woman gives birth to new life. In the trance state of childbirth, she experiences primordial powers of giving birth, connects with those powers and takes her place in the chain of her foremothers. And what happen when the birth experience wasn’t a good one, how we can help another women to heal and recover strength and trust in their own body and the environment? Even if a woman does not have children, there are moments in every woman’s life where she needs to give birth to important and concrete things. These things also require a developmental process and “giving birth”, which might not be so easy, just as delivering children into the world is not the easiest thing…


The significance of this rite of passage is strongly connected with working the individual mother-daughter relationship and healing the personal matrilinear ancestral line or chain. Through this transitional ritual, a woman will “give birth to herself”. We will face and heal the wounds of the matrilinear line, and absorb new personal powers. This is the only transitional ritual in this training which has not been a distinct transitional ritual in traditional cultures, although it has always existed as a healing treatment or ritual. I feel that given the current world situation, we strongly need this ritual to support our lives as women. We will not perform this ritual only once, but instead we will return to it many times throughout our lives, as we mature. Through the matrilineal healing work we really are revealed and opened up more and more towards who we are. This is what makes this ritual such an important tool of personal empowerment and it’s fundamental to go through it for a person that wants to hold rites of passages for others

V Gathering: WOMB TRANSFORMATION, the power years.

This process begins many years before the final menstruation period. This autumnal process, much like the autumn foliage of trees in the fall, is a transitional ritual process which awakens very powerful forces in a woman. This is a wild and holistic power, which is often left unexpressed in our society. If not given sufficient space, it is suffocated. Our society tells us that once you are past the age of 40, you’re no longer young, it’s not good, it’s not worth it any longer, you won’t make it anymore etc. Where does all this come from? In this training, you will be told otherwise: you’re 45 and that’s great! Right now is the very best moment, because now who you really are will spring up wildly and powerfully. Still the Power-years are itself a deep journey and a not easy one. How to support a woman in this journey? How to celebrate her and help her in this transformational face of life? How nature is supporting women in this period? What menopause has actually means? How we can all together co-create a new way of thinking/feeling about menopause in our society?


On the way to the final rite of passage we are living as old women. What does this idea of ourselves as old women awaken in us? What elders mean in our society?

This rite of passage is naturally the last and, at the same time, the most mysterious. Recognizing this teachings of nature wisdom in our lives make us very humble and strength own embodying wisdom to understand ourselves as nature, nature that is constantly changing. In the training, we will go through what death means from the viewpoint of natural wisdom.

We will also go through different tools to help you to support others when going through  this last passage and also how to support the mourning process of relatives.

Life gives us all many possibilities for dealing with death at least on some level, this happens every time “something dies” in our personal lives – be it a relationship, a job, a thought, a overwhelm feeling, a traumatic memory or somebody close to us. Every change is a death, which opens the way for something new. Life is constant and eternal, births and deaths are constantly happening in it, and this is the only way life can continue. All this moments of deep sorrow and grief are meant to be lived by being supported. In this training you will get basically tools about how to hold an space and support others on that.


If you are interested in the training, please contact me.