Trainings and courses

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Mentoring program in ecosomatic art and education

The mentoring program in ecosomatic art and education has being tailored for strengthening the mission of every artist and/or educator to be an active generator in creating and waking up awareness in the community about ecological and sustainability issues.


Ecosomatic movement and voice practice group (follow-up course)

For anyone interest in body awareness, free moving and finding own voice. This course find its roots in Earth-based knowledge and the eco somatic practice I have developed during more than 16 years. Next course will be held February-May 2023 and it will be a 3 hours practice evening once per month. For more information contact me: contact me

Postpartum doula certification training (in Finnish)

Postpartum should be a time of healing and recovery for a mother. A woman, how has recently given birth, has been through a transformational experience, and therefore needs a lot of rest, nutrition and support. We are all different, and therefore the best way to support a mother during postpartum is to listen to what the mother herself feels she needs. The first 40 days after childbirth is a very delicate time. The way the mother and her child along with the whole family are able to go through the process has a significant effect on the lives of the family and other loved ones. This training is for you, if you have a calling to do this work. The training program combines medicine with somatic movement, body therapy, wisdom of nature and ancestral wisdom.

This training is only available in Finnish.

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