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Mentoring program

The mentoring program is an intensive training for you personally, or for your group of choice. In the program we can go through different thematics, according to your own interests and needs. They can include themes such as establishing a deep connection with nature, parenthood or dealing with grief.



Mentoring program for ecosomatic art and education

The mentoring program in ecosomatic art and education has being tailored for strengthening the mission of every artist and/or educator to be an active generator in creating and waking up awareness in the community about ecological and sustainability issues.



The Circle of power: Women’s rites of passage
(currently not running)

This training presents a learning experience and tools for how to helpm support and encourage women and how to take action for people and nature to survive and be empowered. You are also welcome, if you wish to deepen your understanding of womanhood and yourself as a woman, even if you are not interested in hosting circles of power for others.



Embodying nature® trancedance and arcaic singing

Trancedance is an opportunity to transcend the limits of the obvious and create a deep connection with one’s true self. When we are grounded in our own bodies, we create a connection with our own nature. Trancedance is a powerful call to return home – to uncover our nature in the amazing human body. I believe that the ability to dance is intrinsic in us, in every single cell of our bodies. My teaching methods are based on ecosomatic movement, a connection with nature and the principles of the trance process.



Postpartum doula certification training (in Finnish)

Postpartum should be a time of healing and recovery for a mother. A woman, how has recently given birth, has been through a transformational experience, and therefore needs a lot of rest, nutrition and support. We are all different, and therefore the best way to support a mother during postpartum is to listen to what the mother herself feels she needs. The first 40 days after childbirth is a very delicate time. The way the mother and her child along with the whole family are able to go through the process has a significant effect on the lives of the family and other loved ones. This training is for you, if you have a calling to do this work. The training program combines medicine with somatic movement, body therapy, wisdom of nature and ancestral wisdom.

This training is only available in Finnish.

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