The Red Moon Path

The female life phases follow the eternal dance of the natural cycles. On the Red Moon Path we will dive into the lunar and menstrual cycles and find ourselves as parts of the great cycle of nature.

On the Red Moon Path we will identify ourselves and our femininity from a bodily and energetic viewpoint. We will open ourselves to experiencing the interaction of feminine and masculine energies in our bodies. Through our bodies, we will feel how we are one with nature. And how this connection nourishes, inspires and lights our way on the path of womanhood.

On the Red Moon Path we will harness our power: we learn how to let go, to heal, and to create anew. The Red Moon Path is an exploration deep into our selves.

On the Moon Red Path, we will learn how to live with awareness of our cycles, and to find the message of wisdom in every phase of them. We will learn how to tap into the possibilities offered by cyclicity in our lives, in our own unique ways.

On the Moon Red Path:

– We will learn how to recognize transitional phases in nature and in our bodies: recognizing the effects of the waxing moon, the full moon, the waning moon and the dark/new moon.

– We will learn ceremonies and meditations related to the menstrual cycle and the lunar cycle.

– We will learn how to develop our own expression, how to give birth to our own Power through movement, dance, song and breathing.

– We will engage in meditative clay work, and learn different self-care methods and healing principles.

– We will do imaginary journeying, led by the vibrations of the drum, so as to strengthen both body and mind.

– We will learn the basics of the ROOT´S PRESENCE RETRIEVAL self-care / meditation methods.

The Red Moon Path teaches us to look at ourselves and the world in a different light. We learn how to value ourselves holistically, and also how to examine the eternal dance of light and dark, in which we find our own truth and our own power.

I have worked with women for more than 20 years: studied, taught, learned, meditated, written, read – and explored and pondered. I am grateful for having the possibility to follow my calling to help women connect with their own natures, to guide them in returning the presence of the Root, and to grow into their authentic selves. The Red Moon Path is a method I have built with love and care, based in the wisdom of nature. I believe all women have the ability to heal themselves by bravely confronting what needs to be confronted, by renewing and by giving birth to themselves, again and again.

The power of life is in you