In this section I would like to share through pictures a little about my life and work. I hope you enjoy it!,


The spring bird of fire is rising. Vihti-Finland. February 2018. Picture by Gabriela Ariana.

So beautiful moment when the spirits of the ice meet the spirits of the fire. Warmness only can melt coldness. Welcome Spring!


The drum sounds by the lake and under the rain, water blessing. May 2018. Picture by Marjo Dubeck.



On July 2018 I was asked to hold a traditional wedding in the forest, here is the picture of the altar. Picture by Maija.



Hearing nature, at Vihti-Finland, dance and nature’s connection session, in collaboration with the Chilean artist Leslie Apablaza. Pictures by Karoliina Hautajärvi. May 2019.



Sorrow connection, connecting with cut trees, feeling deep sorrow for the state of nature that reflects the state of humanity. Picture Karoliina Hautajärvi. June 2019

Näyttökuva 2019-5-16 kello 18.09.47


Singing in the forest in the spirit helpers language, August 2019.



The tree of Shame, is a choreography-instalation performance I did with live music played by Tuomas Rounakari at Caisa-cultural center in Helsinki-Finland. The installation includes an audio with a series of interviews about shame made by Emilia Frantsi. Pictures by Karoliina Hautajärvi. September 2019.

In the picture the performers Riina Huhtanen, Taru Miettinen and Jukka Tarvainen.