My first conscious touch with singing was as a little child, singing was a way of feeling warmness and protection. Singing has being always part of my life. Since 20 years I have being cultivating this practice of singing from within, first as a part of my personal practice and later as one of my tools for treating, helping and supporting others too. Mainly, my singing is the way to connect with a timeless moment, with my ancestral nature, with nature’s spirits and own spirit helpers. 

I sing from my dancer body and dance from my singing, recovering dance’s and singing’s origin. They are tools for connecting, rising and, ultimately, they are tools for surviving.

“Here I am singing
carried by the wind
I am following the steps of those that have died
I have being allowed to come to the power-mountain 
I have arrived to the Great Mountain Rage called Sky
The power of those who died come back to me
From the infinite they have spoke to me
The steps of those who have died are HERE”

-Lola Kiepja, the last Selk’nam shaman-touching each one of my cells, FOREVER.

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