Mother’s circle Instructor training

Do you feel the call to get to support other women in their motherhood by going through a personal journey of deep transformation? 

In this training, you will learn basic tools with which to safely guide womens’ circles for pregnant women, mother-baby groups, as well as support mothers on the path of motherhood. The training is based on natural wisdom and working according to the shamanistic worldview. The training is a deep process, through which we will live in a womens’ circle. We will gain a deep understanding of natural cycles, as well as our personal cycles, and delve deeply into, among other things, the concept of soul during pregnancy, childbirth and the postpartum period, connecting with our own nature, the significance of the ancestral line in our lives, returning to our bodies and responsible ritual work.


– Women in the shamanistic worldview

– Rooting (Grounding): significance, somatic exercises, as a treatment

– The concept of soul, ancestors, the soul of the mother – the soul of the baby

– Circle Work: setting up, the directions, the Upperworld, the Middleworld and the Underworld

– Cleansing methods for yourself and for mothers

– Drumming: the power of instrument and song in a circle, during pregnancy, during childbirth

– Shamanistic meditation in guiding circles


– Rooting II, bodily techniques, treating others

– Fullmoon, fertility, the power of motherhood: meaning, bodily exercises

– Connecting with your own female ancestral chain, cleansing and working with the chain

– Clay ritual

– Protection

– Circle Work II: raising the powers and banishments – the circle as a form of treatment

– Shamanistic meditation in guiding circles II

Third meeting: CREATRESS

– Rooting: Trancedance I

– Working with the elements in the circle

– Circle work: handling emotions, energy work

– Relaxation techniques in the circle: resting in the posture, as a chain, as a mirror

– The power of song in the circle

– Flow

Fourth meeting:

– In the fourth meeting, we process and review everything we have practiced in previous meetings

– We practice nature connection methods

– Ceremonial consecration

If you are interest to be part of this journey check about the next training in our calendar or contact me at juurakonvoima (at)