Dance artist

Through my work as an artist I want to open the possibility of recovering humanness in humanity, to create situations and bridges that allows us to connect with ourselves, connect with our emotions, our memories, get re-connected with own body as nature to find own real inner power and express it with braveness, passion and freedom.

Through my works I would like to remind us that we are nature and part of the endless cycle of birthing, growing and dying, the cycle of life, and that we need each others and nature in order to survive as a human species.

I want to recover dance’s origin: dance as the art of surviving through moving, dance as the way for getting understanding and wisdom about what’s really matters. I believe that dance is a tool for getting knowledge and in that sense I conceive dance as a life path, that can help us to go deeper through the layers of the being and humanity.

Living dance as a path -trancedance- can reconnected us with a human experience in all its potential.



I believe that dance has something very primordial to do for our contemporary world, dance is a tool to help our human race to survive. I am not interest to make a dance or any other art expression that is not aware of the devastating reality of our planet, since I believe artists have an enormous responsibility and the tools to create spaces for real change.


In now days society human body is so far from living the daily experience of being connected with nature and that has created a disconnection among human beings. People live unaware of the interdependency between humans and nature and this unawareness is causing the destruction of our human specie and planet. That touches me enormously, touches my dancer body and transform my work as an artist and my entire life.

My work is far away from being an entertaining show to be seeing but more a manifest, a ritual to be experienced. I invite the audience to be part of my work actively.

I invite the other artists that take part in my work to stop performing or to do a ”no-performance” and allow theirselves to be as a human being with the audience in an equal relationship, and reveal to them their own human experience through the different tasks that they go through in each piece. The dancer/human is revealing his/her own human processes or reactions to others, wether the others are audience, the working group, the technicians or who ever is around, also all unseen presences that their bodies could perceive.

My work is deeply inspired for the worldview of the ancients traditions of the place where I was born, Chile, and for over 10 years of studies and practice of the Finno-Ugric shamanism.