Drum journey

Vibration is the first movement form in any live creature. The sound of the drum and the drum vibration traveling through the space and through our bodies are able to help us to connect with the very basics of life power.

Drum meditation is a grounding and empowering experience. Many people say that the sound of the drum makes it possible for you to hear your own internal voice. Those skilled in the drum meditation method can “travel” to their internal world and towards different realities to receive the needed knowledge.

Drum meditation can help with many ailments, whether they are physical, emotional or spiritual.

Drum meditation can give you a chance to calm down and refresh yourself. It helps with alleviating stress and improves your concentration and feeds our natural and innate creativity.

Drum meditation is a powerful method. For this reason, it is advisable to start your practice under the guidance of an experienced expert. This guarantees a safe drum meditation experience.

What happens during drum meditation?

In the drum journeys I guide, we will first establish a strong connection with our bodies through simple movements and breathing. The attention is calmly taken through the body towards the inner world.

During the meditation, you will sit either on the floor, or on a chair, or lie down on your back. Before the drumming, the guide will cleanse the energies in the space and of the participants with the help of herbal smoke. The drumming sound will begin softly. Guided by the voice of the guide, we will reach a deeper state of peace, where the body relaxes and the mind is freed from everyday burdens.

The vibrational waves of the drum travel through the entire body, to every single cell. As the body grounds, its metabolism is activated. Drum meditation has a balancing and healing effect. At the end of the meditation, experiences can be shared in conversation, if the participants so wish.

You can come into a drum meditation session without prior experience in meditation or drumming. Drum meditation is suitable for many life phases and situations. It is suitable e.g. for adults, children and families.

I also offers drum meditation for pregnant women and mother-baby groups. This form of drum meditation differs from ordinary drum meditation in many ways, and yet it is similarly healing and empowering. The intensity of drumming for pregnant women and babies it has to be VERY carefully well manage by the circle holder.

The sound of the drum touch us and help us to come back to the knowledge of our cells in a timeless space.

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