As waves, coming and going, for several years, women have come to tell me about their lives, about their feelings, about their pains. Also in the workshops and trainings I teached it has being a theme: IRON, the lack of it in our bodies.

Iron is part of us, of our bodies and is such an important one. Your body relies on iron in red blood cells to carry oxygen to all its cells. Without oxygen we just cannot survive and without enough oxygen we aren’t either in our full power.

There are many reasons for low levels of iron as issues related with nutrition or stress levels and so on. And of, course menstrual cycle, pregnancy and breastfeeding influence in the iron levels of the body. But nature tendency is to regain balance, so why women then are just loosing and not regaining, not recovering. Is there for women space to recover from anything? Well, no. In our society there is not an understanding of the importance of recovering and resting in the life of women.

I became very interest in that theme some years ago, when among other the problems, the lack of iron, specifically about low ferritin storage in the body cells, started to be also a public issue and studies reveal that it was alarming the amount of women suffering from that. Many women reported that even taking iron pills their ferritin levels doesn’t seem to increase and in other cases, even having a shut of iron direct in the blood, would’t help.

I start to think and reflect about this problem, why is happening that women bodies aren’t absorbing IRON? 

What it has happened in the women body that is not accepting iron?

When a person has too low levels of iron this is express in the body like that: unexplained fatigue, dizziness, chronic headaches, unexplained weakness, ringing in your ear, constant irritability, leg pain, shortness of breath, too abundant menstruations. In the worst of the case, a person with chronicle lack of iron, can fall into a deep depressive state. There has being cases of people having alucinations and not getting a clear sense of reality anymore, because of the alarming low levels of ferritin and so, the lack of oxygen. As you see, or maybe you have felt it yourself, without iron a person become extremely weak and that influences the whole life of a person.

Let me take your attention to another thing for a moment: 

With the latest informations about brain investigation we have come to know in a scientifically way as well, that our brains are capable to change as long as we live and that they change according with the experiences we have during life time, through our daily experiences.

We know as well through other studies about DNA, that we do carry in our own body’s DNA, information about the experiences of our parents, grandparents, grand grandparents and so on… Is like, we carry, since the origin of own development in the womb of our mothers, a certain information about life that comes from them. This experiences aren’t our own, but we might have the tendency to react to similar experiences in a similar way of how they did.

Your experiences in life and the ancestral experiences that you carry, are influencing your brains and DNA and your body develop responding on that information. There has being some studies in meditation, that meditation does influence in the brains changing some areas and that is why meditating can change our lives for good. Because what happens in the brains influence in how our whole body functions. 

Now, unfortunately, the stimulus that we have receive during life as women, haven’t being enough (or at all) positive as a meditation could be. 

Think for a moment, in the stimulus that women during HIS-tory have received, about the meaning of their lives, about their importance, about their value, about what’s means to be a women in this patriarchal society and what that means for own community and society. We are talking about thousands of years were our ancestresses, and probably ourselves among the experiences of our lives, have heard, in a very consistent way and from all the directions you could imaging, the ideas that society bare about women, as by example:

-women are weak

-women aren’t reliable  

-women are less than men

-”you are JUST a women” 

-shut up! women don’t speak loud (laugh loud)

-it is bad to be anger

-It is a sin to be sexual

-It is a shame to menstruate

-you cannot own anything

-you won’t decide, your father (husband) will…just to mention some.

We have the abrahamic religions, that are a full example of the lies of patriarchy about women and women’s nature, as a base of societies, influencing the lives of people that aren’t even religious, because is so much already in the unconscious of everybody. Here is the main one: this all story about  Adam and Eva that where happy in paradise and Eva “failed”, she commit a sin by eating an apple, so we are all condemned to suffer because of Eva, who was a woman, the weak, the unpure. And then, poor Adam was all fine, but he got just tempt for this imperfect woman being, the woman that carries in her nature something bad, which is not the case of man, that are more near god, since god it is a man as well. In old versions of the Catholic religion bible, god says, among other things to Eva, ”you will give birth with pain” as a punishment of not obeying his command of not eating from that apple tree, which was, in fact, the tree of wisdom. How terrible aberration! and such a big part of the societies of this planet were and are still based on that ideas, if not consciously then unconsciously, by thousands of years of conceiving things like that.

How thousands of years of that have modificate women bodies and their capacity to absorbe POWER in them? because this is what happens with a body that has the right, the necessary amount of iron, it’s a strong body. If you hear since childhood that you aren’t important or that you are unworthy, you really get to believe on it and, as an adult, your life and your body will reflect that forever, unless, something happened that can change that story. The solution, when the problem has get so far, is not taking a pill for depression or anxiety, as the solution is not only taking the iron pill, even that is avery important part of the process.

Something deeper has to happen to get into the very core of that problem, we need to change the way we think about ourself as women, something needs to happens in how we perceive ourselves, we need to get back to our bodies, because only there we can find what really is to be a women, the amazingness of being a woman, the incredible wisdom of nature embodied in us. And, you know, now days there has being found low ferritin levels even in little boys! So this problem it is, again, really about everybody. Because we all live in a society that doesn’t encourage us to believe in our own experience, to believe and feel we are lovable and important. We live in a society that want us without IRON, that want us weak, to be more easy to manipulate, to be better and very active buyers of unnecessary products.

We need to come back to nature through the deep awareness of own body. We need to remember and embody the memories of wisdom of nature, that our ancestors knew and now we need to rise them back.

This society treat us in an unfair way, in an unnatural way and we need natural ways because we are nature, we need to be born in a community that holds a save space for us to grow freely, not to just full fill a ready made form, to search , not just to memorize ready written texts, to experience, not to just being forced to believe in others experiences, to express, not feeling shame of our feelings, to try out not to just present the ready perfect solution. And with this bases, to connect with the fact that we people, as everything else in nature, are the expression of nature’s strength, the expression of life force, that we don’t need to hide own power to be accepted or to be loved, because we, our environment, community, family, accept us just as we are and knows that we are all equally important and valuable.

This is so far away from being just a spiritual practice, this is nature wisdom of our body cells, ready to help us to heal, from thousands of years of misunderstanding, of untruthfulness, all of us, not only women.

The process is not instantaneous or fast, as our contemporary society would wish. It is slower, it happens in the rhythm of nature, in rhythm of the cycles, but when you get into it, it happens for good, to stay and to save us all and our Earth.

Iron in the blood is one of the main expression of power in your body, the power of iron is the power of strength, of being able to set your personal boundaries, the strength for giving yourself the chance to know who you are, to feel your own weight in the world, to sense clearly your physical presence on Earth, to experience freely, to search, to try out, to express and to connect.

If your body cannot absorbe this, you need to start to offer to you body experiences that re-connect you with yourself us nature, to clean out old ideas of what it is to be a women or a man or just a human being, experiences that help you to get clear about what life is about, body-experiences that nourish you with self awareness, experiences of expressing yourself, independently of what you have heard from others about how you should be. Experiences that help you to recover your sense of value and that encourage you to share your gifts to the world. 

In the texts of the Finnish Nation Old Poems, which is a register of thousands of poems, spells, stories, of the Finnish old traditions and believes, we find the explanation of many thing’s origin. The origin of water, fire, different animals, etc.

It is so meaningful to read the words of the origin of iron. When usually we think about being something, for instance, healthy or strong, we want that thing to manifest immediately, or as soon as possible, in us, but thinking in the origin of things, you get to realize that we need a process to make things true in our lives, things have to be born from somewhere, as the seeds from earth. The great willow or the great oak tree where both just one very small seed on earth, that receive the maternal cares of earth and nature, as nutrition and protection. The origin of iron, in the Finnish traditional poems, in a very brief way, comes from the breast milk of women, that drop on earth and became this iron. I think this poem manifest a great wisdom of old times, because here comes up a deep understanding and awareness of the origin of strength. Strength is not born from strength. Strenght is born from softness, from vulnerability, from care, from protection, from sensitiveness, from nourishment, in the most sweetness energies of breastfeeding happens.

Let’s offer to each others kindness, support, let’s stop competing for nothing, let’s help each others to recover, co-creating once more between each others and with nature, for ourselves and for the future generations.

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