Women’s day reflections

The first woman’s day was held in New York on February 28, 1909 and was organized by the Socialist party of America. That means that long before that on 1800 century there were courageous women that open their mouthes to express their point of views and got organized more and more. I am deeply thankful to all of them.

The celebration of the Women’s day starts as a way to rise awareness for the community about women rights. This women rights were the basis of the the feminist movement during the 20 century, they talked about bodily integrity and autonomy, freedom from sexual violence, the right to vote, to hold public office, to enter into legal contracts, to have equal rights in the family law, to work, to fair wages or equal pay, to have reproductive rights, to own a property, to education, just among others…It is very important to remember that there are places in the world where, at least, some of this rights are respected and some others where not at all. 

Women’s day and feminism started as a political-social manifestation. At certain point women realize that the only way to get their rights was to jump in this political-social field as it was conceived at that moment, so, in that sense, by holding the qualities of the ”strong masculine” in them (or as  archetypically we could call the ”male warrior” or even ”the father”)  to get things done for their own protection. 

That happens as a result of thousands of years of patriarchy where the ”strong masculine” the mature masculine, couldn’t anymore develop in men, there was a lack of the real and the full masculine wisdom specially in men and in general in the world. So, the man as the Great protector of life wasn’t present and women had to rise it again in them since it wasn’t embody anymore in men’s body.

We still are in a need of continue rising awareness and working to make changes in the political-social field. But I believe this has to be accompany for a concrete and deep process of healing. We  are, all over the world and all of us, in need of healing the wounds the patriarchy and its inmature-masculine have cause to our society and to nature for thousands of years. This is the way in which we can assured a change with roots, a sustainable change.  

I would like to share with you some ideas about women-men issues from nature’s, ancestral wisdom’s point of view and from what has come with my experiences as a girl, as a woman, as a human and from being working with this issues for more than 21 years: 

In nature, and also in human beings, exists feminine and masculine energy. Non, of this energies are define by the biological gender of any living being even they are, of course, influence in a way.  Feminine and masculine energies are qualities of life energy that are present interrelating and supporting each others. The biological reality of the living being is the nest for this qualities to develop and depending on the biological situation of this being, and his/her life experiences, that will give a space to the feminine and masculine energy to develop in different ways. In general, the biology of women requires the presence of more feminine energy than to the biology of man to be able to function more fluently. Still, every human being needs both in order to keep healthy. 

We people are all different, that is the richness of nature among human beings and as we need diversity of species in the forest for nature’s conservation we need diversity among human beings as well for our surviving. Everyone should have the possibility to explore freely and supported as needed and to learn how to connect with oneself through life and discover own authentic way of expression in the world, for serving the Earth, each others and oneself.

The world has being changing very much since 1909, we have come to a situation where we need to drop the ”artificial” structures that where based on the inmature masculine, the manipulative, the traumatize, the ashamed masculine that was and is still present in many men and women whether consciously or unconsiusly. So, in order to have women rights, children rights, human rights and nature’s rights- which I think should exist as well, since nature it is a living being- we need to finally open our minds to the importance of healing the wounds of patriarchy in all of us. This is, among other things,  facing the need of  mental care services where different ways of medicine could interact, making radical changes in school education which is extremely patriarchal, understanding the importance of supporting family life, making changes in working environments, all of that by letting feminine values to be part of society, feminine values as by example, the practice of supporting and helping each others.

Only by integrating in society, by embodying the Great feminine in all of us human beings, we can, together hold an space for the Great masculine in us, then we can create and co-create from a sense of deep respect for life, for each one of us, seeing the beauty and the strength of life in every living creature and in the whole nature.

I am holding many things inside of myself -thanks to the feminine energy I carry I can hold and embrace things- the following, is related with a worry I am holding among many other things I hold and I want to make a call out-which I can do with the strength of the masculine energy I carry in me as well-:

I invite you to take a moment for yourself, maybe go for a walk outside, to the woods or somewhere in nature. Or just seat for a moment at home, breath, get quiet and reflect on this questions. This reflection is to help you to make conscience how you have create certain ideas about yourself, about what it is to be a woman or to be a man from things you have being said. To notice how many of this ideas aren’t your own and then decide if you want to take them or not and like that start clarifying and discovering your own truth. This is just one experience, take it easy.

You can use the word woman or men depending on your biological reality, like “Dear women/man”. You can also say “dear ….”and use your name. As I would say ”Dear Gabriela or even you can say “dear me:”

-Who teach you or from who you got the example of how to be a woman/man? Was everybody happy and healthy around her/him?

-What was the men/woman concept you had and lived as a small girl/boy, as a teenager, as a young woman/man?

-Which kinds of feelings, physical or emotional  rises up when you think about those things?

-How do you feel as being a woman/man? Do you feel you know what it means? and if you haven’t thought about it and you do it now, does this rise up in you any feelings.

-What do you feel you really need right now?

You can just think it or write down. The most important is that you are fully present in you and that you accept the answers and any feeling that may come up without judging yourself but just giving you the possibility to express what needs to be expressed.

It is important that, if you already know that during your childhood or younghood you have lived a traumatic experience, you can make this reflection with somebody capable to hold a space for you, where you feel supported and secure. 

Only connecting with ourselves and giving to ourselves the possibility of healing wounds we will bw able to respect and support life, to understand that when other living being is fine that is influencing your own life positively as well.

Today is women day and the well being of women is everybody’s issue and a path for our nature’s surviving.

Happy women day for ALL OF US!

With love,

Gabriela Ariana.

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