Menstrual wisdom

Blood, the magic of life, the life force, the warm blood traveling through our bodies, supported by our internal drum, the heart. Blood that impact, blood that can wake-up fear when running outside of the body. How amazing is that women can bleed during menstruation without dying because of that. That was considered a power in ancient times and I believe it is.

Menstrual blood is one of the manifestations of the mysteries of life. With all that we know about fertilization and fetal development in a biological point of view, there is plenty of space left for things that aren’t understandable by the mind only.

Menstrual blood is medicine, it is a healing elixir to nature, to life. It is important, needed and sacred. It shouldn’t be thrown away because it is not garbage. It is one of the most nurturing fluids coming from the human body other than breast milk. And as breast milk is for nurturing a baby, menstrual blood is for nurturing Earth.

Society seems to have forgotten that we humans are nature and in interdependent relation with each others and with all the nature around in order to survive. Our society have leave for so many years in the bubble of technology, asphalt and plastic, a society where the awareness of the connection with oneself as nature and awareness of the cycles of nature is has being cut. What then is the understanding of menstruation in a society like that?…But this is only a bubble and it is since a while starting to get diluted. The all world is facing the results of this lack of a healthy relationship between each others and towards nature. Humans are waking-up, women are waking-up and many are already really awake doing an amazing job to change things for better.DSC_5427_s

I invite every woman to re-conceive and remember all the ancestral wisdom that vibrate in each one of the cells of our bodies and in nature. Menstrual blood remind us that we are the holders of life mysteries-understanding mystery as something that cannot being understood by rationalization. Girls and women have the right to access to this information and to integrate in their lives all the knowledge of the menstrual cycle, the menstrual blood and even of the placenta and the entire world will be benefit from that.

I propose to get ”decolonized” and “un-civilized”, to remember, to re-learn and to embody the knowledge of our foremothers and forefathers, and then, we can save this planet, this Earth, our Home, our Mother. Let’s fertilize our fields with menstrual blood and our spirits with menstrual wisdom. Let’s allow the flow of our menstrual blood to go back to the Earth with great respect and thankfulness, always remembering that women and Earth are the nurturers and the life givers. Let’s re-awake the rituals, as the ritual of ”Planting your blood”, allowing our menstrual blood’s regenerative forces to come back to Earth for the healing and wellbeing of all of us. I propose we become as wild as that and even more too.

During menstruation:

-Rest, because this is a time for resting!

-Keep warm, even place a warm bottle on your lower belly or lower back if it feels good for you.

-Honor your body feelings, that means, not to feel any guiltiness or judging yourself for any feeling you may experience.

-Eat nourishing food.

-Drink plenty of liquid as herbal tea. There are many herbs that can support you before your Moon (menstruation) start and during menstruation.

-Meditate in a way that is comfortable for you. Personally, I had practice for over 30 years nature and drum meditation, lately with a strong emphasis on breathing and, my favorite, ancestral singing from the womb.

-Paint, sing, dance…if you feel like, in a way that you feel you are letting your body guide you, without any pressure on the results but with all the awareness in the process. Let it be free and liberating. 

All of this ways of living through your menstrual days aren’t meaning that you are ”sick” or ”weak” during menstruation. In fact, women have plenty of energy during this time, but the quality of this energy is different than in the other moments of the cycle. We usually have a very narrow understanding of the concept of energy, some people think it as narrow as, muscular force only.  But the thing is, everything is energy and energy can express itself in many different ways. The energy present during menstruation is the energy of cleansing, the energy of letting go, the energy of transformation, the energy of the presence of our ancestral soul that allows us to connect with the unseen, with our ancestral linage. This energy keep us for some days, for some women more and for others less, in an energetically state of wider and deeper awareness, that, unfortunately, it doesn’t feet with the now days society’s way of living and, because of that, it can create in women a deep sense of loneliness, wake-up fears and/or anger, among others.

Other feelings, physical and emotional, that rise up during menstruation, are related with the need of healing of issues of own life experiences and the life experiences of the women of own mother linage. How a woman’s mother, grandmother, great-grandmother and so on…had experiences her life as a women during their lives is transmitted from womb to womb, from the time one is in the womb to the fetus-girl’s womb. This is part of what we call womb memories. And by connecting with yourself while menstruating, by respecting and honoring this time, taking space for yourself, resting, listening to your needs and asking for support and help if you feel you need it, you can heal what needs to be healed more and more from one cycle to another and you will be able to re-connect with yourself and with your inner-power.1375098_567102580009979_1203833795_n

This is the time when your hormones make you more sensitive and highly intuitive. So it is a time for receiving knowledge from within, from the ancestral wisdom in you. In that sense, I see menstruation as a time for awakening. That is why I so warmly recommend to meditate in some way during this time, to create an space to receive the messages of wisdom.

I absolutely know how pre-menstruation, menstruation and even, for some women, ovulation time can be a very hard and challenging time. From the ancestral wisdom’s point of view, all the feelings, being physical pain, psychological issues and/or emotional are messages telling you what needs to be heal, what needs to be taken care of. It is possible to get a lot of support and ease by getting inform, learning some exercises, some good receipts and making some changes in your daily life. For the hardest cases is a question of case to case and face to face working, so it is about getting help and support. No women should be left alone in this cases, because it is NOT normal to suffer during menstruation or during any other part of your menstrual cycle.

In ancient times women would gather to bleed together in a traditional-lodge, because women would menstruate naturally at the same time when they see each others daily and when they hold a deep link with each others. They would rest together, take care of each others and take advantage of this time for their spiritual development. Not only for herselfs but because their spiritual development was understood as beneficial for the whole community as women where considered the main channels of life wisdom. Menstruating was considered an honor in the eyes of everybody. Bleeding time was considered as a sacred time as it was pregnancy too.

When a girl menstruate for the first time, she was celebrated for the whole community with a ritual of passage that sometime last for several days. The girl was celebrate and honor as a carrier of the wisdom of the mysteries of life – one more for the community! what a bless!-. The ceremony also includes to hold, for the girl, an experience, from where she would get in touch with her inner-strength! Think how many women in the world feel they are weak and unworthy, specially when they are menstruatiting and how this could change if we would start publicly celebrating this passage for each girl who start her menstruation.

I wonder how many excrutiant pains related with menstrual time wouldn’t exist if we would grow up in a community that understand menstruation, menstrual blood, menstrual cycle and womanhood in that way…

Again, I want you to remember, that when we talk about women’s empowerment, we are talking about something that influence us all, because this goes far away more than doing a little ceremony or not. This is about a deep change of mind and way of living and relating among human beings in this planet. Understanding the wisdom of the menstrual cycle is one of the most important and effective ways for understanding how to live in a sustainable relationship with Earth which is exactly what we need in order to save our planet and our lives.

I am still, full of hope, we can create the changes we need for a better world, together, all of us.   


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  1. Thank you for writing this! I give my blood to Mother earth and feel it is time to share more about it. Yes I believe we will remember our connection to earth and heal the planet???

    1. Thank you for doing it, for believing. Blessings to you Melinda.

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