Feelings, healing and community

We are already awaking, but still there is so much misunderstanding about the importance of connecting with feelings and what that really means.
I wanted to share with you, just briefly, what, specially the so called “negative” feelings, mean for me.
Maybe you can even tune in to yourself with a simple exercise before continue reading. It might take you couple of minutes and you can stay there longer if you wish:
Please, slow down, breath, bring your attention to your heart, put your right palm on you chest, a little towards the left side. Your heart is there, between your chest and your back, save and protect inside of your chest, supported and at the same time cooperating with all the rest of your body. Do you feel it? the presence of your heart somehow?
What about if you take some slow and soft breaths and let your heart and lungs get a little release every time you breath out.
After doing that I invite you to read the following with an open heart, whatever you understand about what it is an open heart it’s fine:
If you find you carry feelings of sadness, grief, anxiety, anger or even depression please don’t spend your life energy trying to “let them go” or correcting yourself as there is something wrong in you, because if you are feeling those feelings, at a deep level, means you do care about life and I thank you and I respect you so much for that, because life it really matters to me as well.
There is a profound wisdom in those feelings. They are like bridges bringing us to the knowledge of what we really need. When we don’t realize anymore what are our real needs, for not leaving in connection with ourselves, our wise body, our wise nature, try to make us notice those needs, to keep us well, to keep us alive. In which other way we could be able to notice we aren’t walking our very own path that it’s born from the connection with our own authenticity if we don’t get in anyway the sense of what is going on. Feelings are knowledge about something deeper that is going on inside of us in the same way the any other pain or sickness are knowledge too. Feelings are there so that we can get to the origin of our pain and by knowing it’s origin being able to get clearness in what we need to be able to heal. Then, when we start healing those feelings will eventually leave.
Sadness could be about your need of feeling worthy  
Grief could be about the need to give love but not finding a “place” for it
Anger could be about your need for setting boundaries
Anxiety could be about your need to be hold
Depression could be your need to be grounded, connected with you very own nature.
All this needs that are “under” your feelings are born from past experiences where you were oblige to deny this feeling in order to be accepted or even loved.
Notice how feelings are never just only about you, but about us, about how we relate and so is the healing of the wounds that our feelings point up about. So don’t hesitate to ask from others to help you and support you while your feeling and with your needs. There is absolutely nothing to be ashamed when it comes about feelings and, if anything, there is more to be proud, because you feel those feelings ’cause you care about life and that’s what we all need.
No tree hesitates to spread own roots towards the water and its brunches towards the warmness of the sun. The tree is not stealing from the earth or from the sun anything, either making the earth and sun weaker when taking what it needs in order to survive and when a tree survives it gives as, to all of us, what we need to survive too. This is the wisdom of nature, the power of co-creation. Let’s take care of each others.
with love,
Gabriela Ariana

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