Back to your wise body

It is time to understand and embody that all living creature, that all life, is a cycle. We aren’t linear, we are never exactly the same as yesterday, everything is in constant change and this is where reseed the power of life that by keeping cycles is keeping everything going on. We have being said, during thousands of years of immature patriarchalism, we should feel afraid of changing, afraid of cycling, afraid of growing in a different direction than others, we have being said that this is even wrong and evil  and they have create also the concept of evil to make as feel unworthy. Most of all, we have being said that feeling any inner-power and/or passion inside of us is a sin. But under all this immature patriarchalism there was, and there is, only an unrooted little body, so helpless that had to keep lying for so long in order to control and manipulate, in order to dominate and get money-powered.

Many people have being for a while already starting to realize that situation and how not!: our bodies are getting ill, especially from auto-immune sicknesses that are all related with stress and trauma, the stress of not feeling part of anything, the stress of not having a community that supports you, the stress of feeling unsafe, the stress of not having the space to express yourself, the stress of carrying inside of you, alone and in shame, your traumas and the trauma responses of your ancestors, which is already a science fact according with last years of investigation in neuroscience. 

 I want to tell you that IT IS POSSIBLE to get better from all this years of human specie’s, of nature’s suffering, the possibility is in ”our hands” or better to say, in our bodies. We need to come back to our bodies, to experience the nature in us, our cyclicity, to check on what needs to be cared or healed, to recover gentleness towards ourselves, to realize if you need help, to embody your concrete presence in this planet, to re-connect with earth, to re-learn to root from our cells.

Coming back to your body by bringing the attention to your body from the inside, will allow you to notice, integrate and realize many things in your life and you will see how can affect your environment and community in such a good way.

And you can start right now! Here is an example of a practice you can easily do:

Start by taking a moment, every day, to recognize how the cycles of nature manifest in you. How? You can go to nature or find a comfortable space at home, lay down or seat. Close you eyes. Just breath for a moment and let your body get into a feeling of resting. And then just check on how you feel, how your body feels and maybe some emotions will rise, let them come, let yourself experience this moment without any judgment towards yourself or anybody else, just sensing who you are, here and now. After a while, take a moment to thank, feel it in your heart and let come to your mind everything that makes you feel thankful. Then slowly seat down, stand up and have an easy walk. Breath deeply and stretch softly to ”wake up”. You can take 10 minutes, half an hour or more if you want. Most important is to do it as often as you can, every day is the best. Do it understanding that this is not something ”extra”, but this is part of your basically needs. 

This is the way of nature, the way that teach us the Earth based knowledge dancing the dance of ancestral wisdom, the way of the mother and father in us. The way of your wise body, your nature.

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