In the path of nature’s empowerment

Hi, I am Gabriela, founder of Juurakon Voima-Roots to empower, welcome to my webpage!

Roots to empower is for you the possibility to unite the wisdom in you, with your own nature and with the nature around.

Roots to empower means your nature, soul and ancestral presence embodiment in your life. It is a deep process through light and dark to find your own truth and, if needed, to find a way back to your own source of power.

Roots to empower means learning how to connect and reconnect, how to rise from a deep relationship with Earth, sensing and learning to trust and value your own experience. Recovering courage and will to walk your own path, in your own way, at your own rhythm.

Roots to empower is understanding and embodying the cycles of nature’s and of own body’s learning to become aware and honor yours and others transitional periods of life.

Roots to empower offers you support, encouragement and skills for you to be able to go through your own authentic path.

Roots to empower means the understanding of the urgently importance of ecological values and community in the society and taking the wonderful responsibility of healing and empowering out planet, saving it for the future generations.


Now is the moment, now is life happening, trust, you are not alone!

Dance your own dance, sing your own song, write your own texts, speak your own words. Feel your body is your nature and your home. You are the power inside of you, love expression, the sun and the moon. Open yourself, for your soul make a space, by moving and breathing, barefoot on this earth. (Gabriela Ariana-Roots to empower your nature)