Embodying nature

Embodying is to rise the knowledge of the body through somatic experiences. Our physical body, the mind, the feelings, the perceptions, the sensations, the ideas, the memory are a wholeness and a oneness that vibrate, that moves, change, transform continuously, since the moment of our conception all through the rest of our lives. Even after death, our bodies will continue transforming and changing for many years after.

Everything that we experience, we experience it through our body, our body contains us. It contains also the prints of the experiences of our foremothers and forefathers.

Nature is what we are. As in the nature around us, we are all different from each others, we are unique. We are born from nature-our parents are nature, our mother that gives us birth is nature- and everything that forms us: tissues, liquids, chemicals, etc., are all nature materia as well. Each one of us is a different expression of nature.

Nature does what is needed in order to keep its existence, its cycles going on. In that sense, we could understand, each one of us, as equally important in terms of life’s continuum. We were born just like we were, because nature need it.

EMBODYING NATURE® means rising the knowledge of our body, that is the same knowledge of the nature around. We are this micro ecosystem that experience the same cycles of the macro ecosystem of nature around. Life’s motion today is the same than the universal motion that creates everything. The life cycle: born, grow, mature, decay, died and then born again unfold the wisdom of processes, rhythms, life experiences, our capacity of healing, our strengths, our interconnection, the importance of community and the real meaning of resilience.

Embodying nature is as saying embodying soul, because soul is the energy of the body. In this ecosomatic practice, this body-soul presence, in its uniqueness, gets to be experienced through movement, dance, voice-work, breathing, expressive arts and nature’s connection practices. I am an ancestors tradition’s holder and Embodying nature is my way as an artist/therapist to inhabit Earth and serve others. Embodying nature, find its foundation in the ancestral knowledge transmitted by our foremothers and forefathers.

As an ecological artist I reflect on question many questions: How art can offer spaces for creating authentic communities, how art can hold and support us, how art can reminds us that we are nature and create changes in society to make possible our surviving. How art moves us, encourage us and rise the knowledge of our body cells and our authentic presence and how all of that can help us to create a sustainable life. How nature is, at the same time, art outside of us, in us and between us.


Here I am singing
carried by the wind
I am following the steps of those that have died
I have being allowed to come to the power-mountain
I have arrived to the Great Mountain Rage called Sky
The power of those who died come back to me
From the infinite they have spoke to me
The steps of those who have died are HERE
-Lola Kiepja, the last Selk’nam shaman-touching each one of my cells forever.


Dance your own dance, sing your own song, write your own texts, speak your own words. Feel your body, is your nature and your home. You are the power inside of you, love expression, the sun and the moon. Open yourself, for your soul make a space, by moving and breathing, barefoot on this earth. (Gabriela Ariana-Roots to empower your nature 2001)

(Tanssi oma tanssi, laula oma laulu, kirjoita oma tarina, puhu omilla sanoilla. Tunne kehosi, se on luontosi ja kotisi. Olet voima sisälläsi, rakkauden ilmaisu, aurinko ja kuu. Avaudu, tee tila sielullesi, liikkumalla, hengittämällä, paljain jaloin maan päällä-Gabriela Ariana, Juurakon voima 2001)