My name is Gabriela Ariana. I am the mother of two girls and a boy. I am an ecological artist, body therapist, ecosomatic practitioner, dancer and singer. Painting and handcraft have being part of my life since I remember. I am, also, an ancestral traditions holder.

Nature is the great teacher, my power place, the strength of my body-soul. Nature is the physical manifestation of my ancestors, my support, every day, every instant. Nature is all over: it is under the asphalt, between the buildings, up on the sky. Nature is also this body where I live. Nature is my home.

Traveling for many years through different countries to keep up my career as a dancer, makes me understand that our society is in a great need of radical changes and Earth based knowledge, the experience of nature and the understanding of the wheel of life, the cycles. I believe that this ancient wisdom is more necessary than ever in order to save our nature and humanity and to be able to co-create a sustainable life for everybody.

I see and experience this world: the situations among human beings, the racism, the poorness, the societies inhumanity, the nature’s tearing down, the lack of equality, our society’s systems, of “health” and education… and it fires up my deepest will to do the best I can, to contribute to promote, to create changes. For me, everything start by coming back to nature, back to the body, that help us recover from old wounds, to recover the meaning of humanness and the basic importance of community and nature for our survival. I believe that all the problems of society have the same root, which is the alienation that exists between human and nature, which is, actually, only the lack of awareness of the fact that we are nature. All the reprising ideologies, religions and the unsustainable way of life lived for hundreds of years have damaged life, have tried to take us away from our body, from an experience based way of life and from the freedom of expression that being connected with own body/nature allows.

Through my work I support, encourage and guide others to connect with theirselves as the body/soul/nature we are, to recover the awareness of own body’s presence, our constant process of changing and exchanging with the environment. Finding this connection and getting to experience it and understand it, opens something in human beings that nothing else can open, because only by experiencing we can embody and only what is embodied is what we really know.

Through our bodies we find the keys for recreating new patterns, healing and empowering, not only our selves, but also everything that surround us, including other people and the nature around. This the way of the ecosomatic practice and of the Earth based wisdom

I share this worldview through my art, as a therapist and also by offering workshops, courses, trainings, retreats, lectures, couching and mentoring.

I have been on this path over 23 years and I feel that my passion, love and authentic vocation has no limits. Roots to empower your nature is the best I can wish to anyone.

My trainings and courses include topics such as:

  • Ecosomatics
  • Circle of power for women
  • Trance dance and archaic singing
  • Postpartum doula certification training (in Finnish only)

I also offer mentoring tailored to your needs. The theme can range from e.g. connection with nature and your body, creativity and empowering, parenthood or processing emotions.

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Treatments and services

All treatments are base on Ancestral Medicine and its worldwiew. The treatments and therapy sessions also take use of my expertise and experience as a body therapist and a teacher of dance and yoga. I also work with voice, free writing and painting, as well as methods of nature connection and ecosomatic work.

Treatments, guidance and mentoring are available at my workroom in Helsinki and some of them also online. Please see the list below for more information.

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Gabriela, ecological artist

For me, dance, is the art of surviving through moving. I believe that dance is a tool for getting back to the body and the knowledge of its cells, which is the same knowledge of nature around. Dance was, in its origin, the greatest way for getting in connection with own body, and through own body to the nature around, to sense, perceive and realize the wisdom of life, in another words the wisdom of surviving. Yet, my work, is not about sharing any wisdom, but sharing my own ways and processes of connecting to nature, the motion, the expression of it.

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