Dance works

I have been working as a dancer, choreographer, dance teacher and environmental artist since 1998, here my latest works. My own works as a choreographer are marked with a ” * ” symbol.

*Coming up in September 2019, the installation and choreography Häpeäpuu/ The tree of shame. With the performers Riina Huhtanen (dance), Taru Miettinen (dance), Jukka Tarvainen (dance) and Tuomas Rounakari (sound world: violin, voice).

*May 2019: LUONTO MINUSSA, Bringing back the body to nature, bringing back nature to the body. Research, video, sound recording, moving body as nature in nature. With the collaboration of the Chilean artist Leslie Apablaza.

fotograma 6


*Sielunpalautus, Soul´s retrieval, choreography, dance and installation at Caisa´s multicultural center in Helsinki. Violin by Tuomas Rounakari.

*100 asiaa, 100 things. Performer for FVO Company, performances at Caisa´s multicultural center in Helsinki


*Laji ihminen

Human species, Choreographer, performed in Caisa´s multicultural center and at Le Petit Festival in Hanko-Finland



-Tänään.täällä.me,, as a dancer, Elina Koistinen´s choreography, Zodiak-Center for new dance development.

*Elämän virta, as a choreographer a soolo for the dancer Elina Hauta-Aho, performances and workshops at Tyttöjen talo in Helsinki-Finland

*Colibrí, as a choreographer, dance and violin, 4 generation meet on stage to tell the story of the wheel of life. Performances were at Malmitalo in Helsinki Finland


*Fuerza, Power, as a choreographer for 12 professional dancers in Matucana 100 theater in Santiago-Chile invited by the Chilean´s arts council. The choreography focus in the never ending will of surviving of human beings as nature.


-Color, color, color, as a dancer, choreography by Jaana Unmussig. At Zodiak-Center for the new dance. Performances in Helsinki-Finland and Hamburg-Germany


-Eloisa, as a dancer in a duetto for a dancer and a cello by choreographer Ulla Koivisto. Performances at Helmifestivaali, Seinäjoki-Finland.

*Tarinoita elämästämme, Stories of our lives, as a choreographer, dance for elders and kids. At Zodiak, center for new dance, Helsinki-Finland. This work has been turing trough theaters and old-people homes since 2012 until 2017.



*Maan ihminen, Earth´s people, as a choreographer and dancer, a solo dance in Emma´s museum during the Mapuche people´s exhibition. The solo was deeply inspired for the wisdom of Mapuche culture from were my roots come from.

*Mykkä-tanssi, Mute dance, as a choreographer and dancer, searching a dance coming from a space where the body has no words in it, the dance speechless dance. At Zodiak- center for the New dance.

*Santiago, as a choreographer, a dance for 28 professional dancers in Gabriela Mistral´s Cultural Center in Santiago-Chile.

-Vaeltava valomies, Wandering light man, as a dancer for choreographer Ulla Koivisto with Kaisu Koivisto´s sculptures at Forum-box in Helsinki-Finland


*Art and Life

As a dancer for a solo by choreographer Deborah Hay. Performed at Stoa theater and in Zodiak- Center for New dance. Made in artistic residence ”solo performance commissioning project 2009” in Findhorn-Scotland.


-Men of Honor retro2, as a dancer for Liisa Pentti+Co, performances in Krunikka´s theater in Helsinki-Finland

-Vierasperäisiä muunnelmia, Stories of foreign origin, as a dancer for Petri Kekoni Company, performances at Suvilahti in Helsinki-Finland


*Valot, Lights. A demo choreography with elder dancers at Zodiak, Center for the new dance development.

As an artist I am interest to work with people of different generations, different cultures, professionals and non-professionals from different art fields. I also want to bring my work to different kind of spaces, specially to nature and also to places where there are people that cannot go to see dance by theirselves as, by example, old-age homes.

You can read more about my vision as an artist in this link:

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