Root’s presence retrieval®

Your body is Nature, the place where you will find your soul.

We will begin in an area of the body which is the source of all female power. The power of creativity is born where the power of letting go resides.

*The pelvic bowl houses an energy centre, wherein lie the female sexual internal organs: the vagina, the womb, the oviducts, the ovaries, and the surrounding muscles, tendons, nerves etc. This energy centre works in perfect connection with the whole body, and is in constant interaction, both with the body and the environment. This centre is the basis of our lives as women, a present foundation in our bodies.

Your body is nature. The body, which is you, is a part of nature, and it works according to natural cycles. Nature is the great wisdom, so wisdom can be found in your body.

You can learn natural wisdom by being in nature, and by experiencing nature through the senses. We can learn natural wisdom by connecting with nature and by surrendering to nature, by being covered by the forest. In the same way, we can also learn about our bodies as we ”enter” our bodies.

Have you ever considered what is the power source for Earth and the whole of nature? What force sustains the activity of the Earth? At one time, Earth was born, and now it is and continues to exist, because that which was born, is a cycle which continues on and on.

Life is sustained by a continuum of cycles. It gives birth to what is needed, and dissolves what is no longer needed. It renews, grows and thins out, always appropriately and at the right moment.

The same cycles which take place in nature, on Earth and even in the way planet Earth relates to space, are repeated in the female body. The female body is the centre of our own cycles, from where our cycles rotate. This power source is our pelvic bowl*, and therefore keeping our whole pelvic area with its internal organs, muscles and nerves in good condition affects our wellbeing, our cycles and, thus, our lives comprehensively.

We receive a lot of knowledge, power and support in our lives, by reading books and articles about menstrual wisdom or cycles. We can also start following the moon and how own cycle related with, but this wisdom will always remains unfounded and unrooted, if we do not learn to become aware, also, of our own genitalia.

When we become aware of our foundation, it becomes possible for us to receive information about the reasons why our cycles revolve the way they do.

All the experiences in your life affect your body. You might notice how your chest is heavy when you are worried, or how your stomach cramps when you are nervous. Maybe you notice some pain in your back when you are suffering from stress. On the other hand, the body expands with joy and the upper abdomen relaxes on vacation. With all of these reactions, our foundation and our root are also reacting, and the effects stay there. In the same way, your emotions, thoughts, and all your experiences have an effect, whether they are pleasant, traumatizing, or something in between.

I believe that the foundation of feminine wisdom is understanding your body as nature, and returning the presence of that root. It is time to know the presence of your own pelvis in everyday life, to live connected to your personal power source, and to learn how to take care of this power centre.

Root’s presence retrieval®

In a similar way, the root is the source of the tree’s power, keeping the tree standing and supporting its growth. The growth, power and beauty of the treetop is always dependant on the root growth, as well as the condition of the soil where the roots spread themselves. All our experiences since the womb time and in our childhood have an impact in the state of our women-root, the pelvic bowl: the muscles, the nerves and the genitalia. You can even find extremely stressed out areas in the pelvis and other areas where there is not enough muscular tone.

Many women I have worked with have noticed that some parts of their pelvic bowl are easy to feel and are present, whereas others are not easily sensed at all. When practicing to return the presence of the root many notice how the activation of different areas awakens different emotions and/or memories. These memories and emotions often indicate unprocessed matters which has an effect throughout our lives.

It is important to understand that the presence of your own root has a holistic effect on your life. If you have not experienced this, you might not believe this to be true. But you do not have to believe until you feel it. It is a very different thing, indeed, to live with an awareness of your own pelvic area, your pelvic bowl, vagina, ovaries, and the womb – your root – than it is to live without being aware of this area.

At first, it may be necessary to open up to understand how necessary, natural, and even logical all this is. If your hip hurts, and you cannot move properly, you’ll likely pay attention to the pain and do something about it. Similarly, if your shoulders are frozen, your head hurts or you have a strong cough – surely you’ll do something to relieve your suffering.

The pelvic floor, the vagina, the womb and the ovaries will let you know if something is not right, either through pain or functional problems. These problems may include PMS symptoms, menstruation problems, difficult menopausal symptoms, urinary incontinence (especially after childbirth), infertility, depression, powerlessness, feeling non-motivated or lost, as well as difficulties in emotional expression. Many of these symptoms might also be an expression of unprocessed trauma in your maternal line.

In order to return the presence of the root, I guide you and support you using meditative practices, movement-breathing exercises, trance dancing and massage/treatments. I teach you and guide you through all these exercises, including massage, so you can do them by yourself.

How did this method come into being?

These method started in 1997, when I was working on my university thesis to graduate as a body therapist. During the course of the year I worked with 30 women. Each of them had different bodily symptoms, and when I was working with them, I noticed that their depression, life situation and health were particularly connected to a lack of bodily awareness in the pelvic area. Unprocessed traumas were also related to their condition. I learned a lot from this. In particular, I learned to believe that every woman has the ability to heal herself by bravely facing everything that is needed, renewing and giving birth to herself, again and again.

For more than 20 years, I have worked and refined my method, learning from my own experiences, as well as from those of other women. The last great realization came after giving birth to my third child, a heavy labor. The healing process which started with that childbirth became a healing path which gave me deeper knowledge, new tools and strengthened my approach for Root’s presence retrievel. This method is also a powerful tool for healing postnatal trauma experiences.


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